Upcoming: Open Webinars - Child Abuse & Protection



The upcoming webinars are:

  • Monday 12th December 2016 ~ 6.30pm EST (US) ~ Legal & Practical Response to Child Abuse
  • Wednesday 14th December 2016 ~ 6.30pm EST (US) ~ Building a Protective Environment for Children

Normal price: $45 per person

**  Conference special: $35 per person if booked before the 20th November  **

To register:  call +1-855-737-6486 or email enquiries@insafehandseducators.com


Legal & Practical Response to Child Abuse - Course Summary: This course assists early years educators, organisations and individuals to comply with their legislative requirements and meet duty of care obligations regarding Child Protection. It is designed to be used for induction of new staff, and as a foundation or refresher course for those currently working in the early years education and care sector. Upon successful completion, participants will be equipped with basic Child Protection skills sufficient to enable them to appreciate the importance of Child Protection, understand their legal obligations in relation to providing Child Protection, recognise indicators of child abuse, and notify concerns appropriately.

Building a Protective Environment for Children - Course Summary:  Our favorite! This is our innovative signature Child Protection course that delivers essential lessons for the entire community. It is designed to assist professionals and the wider community to embed practical child protection strategies into their daily lives, and the lives of all our children. A fresh approach to child protection that really works – right in front of your eyes – every day.We all use sunscreen every day to protect against skin cancer, and now we can use Child Protection strategies every day to protect against child abuse. You wouldn’t let children ride a bike without a helmet, or play in the sun without a hat – so why let them out of your sight without essential Child Protection habits? This course takes a fresh approach to Child Protection using practical strategies that everyone can learn to use to protect themselves and others from child abuse. You will learn the 7 Steps 2 Safety and appreciate the way they not only protect children, but transform your relationship with them. 


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